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    Dale Murray 
    Dale Murray
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    Christina Martin 
    Christina Martin
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    Billy Donnelly 
    Billy Donnelly
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2019 NEWS

2016-2018 saw Dale Murray  produce new releases for many Canada’s East Coast singer songwriters- Adam Washburn (New Brunswick), Jessica Rhaye (New Brunswick), Ashley Condon (PEI), and Jason Haywood (New Brunswick). He’s been touring relentlessly with Christina Martin. Americana UK recently said about Dale “Murray is a fully fledged axe god too, an old school guitar hero…”

Christina Martin continues to tour at home in Canada and overseas, following her 2018 Music Nova Scotia Award for Pop Recording of the Year (Impossible To Hold).  In January 2019 she launched her PATREON page. Become a patron HERE.

Billy Donnelly is spending his precious time writing an epidemic of songs, taking mysterious walks through the seedy streets of his neighbourhood, and making magical potions with his beautiful grandchildren Isabella & Hayden. He continues to bring you the gift  of his insights on music’s past and present. Check out what he’s listening to on his page Billy Blog.