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The Billy Project:

The Billy Project continues to make inroads on radio, not only in Canada, but in Russia and The Philippines!  That’s right.  “Lonely” has gone multinational.

This slow burner of an album is proving to have long legs and Come Undone couldn’t be happier.

Plans are already afoot for a followup in 2014 and who knows?  Billy, a man of discretion, may even decide to hit the stage.

In the meantime, check out Dale Murray’s graceful steel on “The Room” or Christina Martin’s empathetic duet on “In Love”.

Billy says “Thanks”.


When Christina Martin & Dale Murray first heard Billy’s music, Christina said “These songs are amazing, Billy!  We’re gonna do an album.  Your album.  We’re gonna call it The Billy Project.  Let’s put a goat on the cover”.  And so they did.  Billy’s smart and thoughtful songs are the perfect match for Dale’s masterful solos and production.  Billy’s work has been compared favorably to Nick Lowe, The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Harry Nilsson.  He’s the first ‘outside’ artist to be signed to Martin’s Come Undone Records Label.

So what’s a Billy Project?  To find the answer, we must first ask “Who is Billy?”  He writes songs and sings them, that’s who.  He used to keep his songs in a wooden box under his bed and he always told his friends that when he thought he had enough good ones, he’d put out a record.  He must have written enough, because here it is. He may be an old goat, but he’s nobody’s fool. Sometimes winsome, sometimes blue, his jangle-pop busts out on songs like “Lonely” and “Thank You”. Billy tells us he has a lot of fans, one blowing in every window.

Let’s let Billy’s fans do the talking:

It’s the musical journey of a man who’s lived life in all its colours.
– Jeff Liberty, CBC Information Morning

A ragged-but-right freshness pervades.
-Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald

Billy’s classic yet timeless songs are a reflection of a man who has fully lived, loved and lost. It isn’t hard to hear the sincerity in his voice.
-Dale Murray, Producer/Songwriter

“Lonely” is a song worthy of the Wilburys.  Great to hear his stuff coming through the speaker!
– Al Tuck, Singer/Songwriter

If you have a great voice but can’t write a song to save your own life, stop wasting time and cover one of these! We have Billy Donnelly to thank for songs with genuine feel and thought like “Thank You” and “In Love”.  While we’re at it, lets thank Dale Murray for his masterful solos that permeate this album and mirror Billy’s sentiments.  This album is pure and simple inspiration.  THANK YOU Billy!
– Christina Martin, Singer/Songwriter

I don’t know how you got Dolly Parton and Conway Twitty to appear on “In Love”.  Quite the trick to get Conway especially!
– Alan Moors, Music Historian

This stuff is great!  They’ve got one hell of a sound out at that studio.
– Garrett Mason, Guitar Slinger/Songwriter

I listened and I love it!  I love your voice and the writing!  Thanks for the awesome music!
– Molly Thomason, Singer/Songwriter

“The Room” is you.  I can’t hear any influences.  It’s magical.
– Thomas Perry, Tijuana Music Man

Great twang and tasteful choices.  When Billy sings, “there’s nothing truer than a silent prayer”, you know it’s coming from someone who’s been there.
– Mike McFarland, Spot-On Drummer

Lonely!  I woke up at 4 in the morning with it going through my head and it wouldn’t stop, every 20 minutes, still there, and then I started dreaming lonely things!
– Michelle D. Prime, Entertainer

It’s like Warren Zevon and Nick Lowe had a baby. And they named it Billy Donnelly.
– Mark Campbell, Comic Soul Man

Your album is phenomenal!  I guess that says it all, and now we just pressed play again!
– Shant & Melanie, Masterful Musicologists

I love Billy’s voice.  It’s real.  He knows what he’s singing about.
– Daniel Matto, Singer/Songwriter

It’s as if Patsy Cline and The Beach Boys got together for a campfire.  Most magical campfire ever.
– Kendra Fulford, Coffee Girl Extraordinaire


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