In the summer of 2016, Diftong and a bunch of excellent musicians found sanctuary in the midst of some Dutch cornfields. He had twelve brand new songs and they recorded the basics for a rock album. It has two characteristics: the music is louder and the lyrics are more personal than you would expect from his earlier work. The album, A Hell of a Time by Diftong & the shipwrights, was released in February 2017.

A song is the perfect way to present poetry to people. Because Diftong writes in English and because he makes American style music, he is A Dutch poet in an American dream. That is why a book with the same title was published in 2017, containing 30 years worth of Diftong lyrics.

Video of the song Circadian Driftwood from the album A Hell of a Time: https://youtu.be/JJaINgSZJVQ

The album A Hell of a Time

on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/24AsqChyFjNagZJI5ySnmK

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Diftong’s songwriting blends folk, country and rock. Mix equal parts of Neil Young and The Gourds, stir in some Jim Croce, 16 Horsepower and a
touch of Bob Dylan and you might co
me up with the Diftong sound.

In 2014 Diftong recorded his fourth album in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is

the first to be released on a label, Come Undone Records. Several great musicians contributed, among them Dale Murray and Christina Martin. Diftong feels it is his best album yet. It will be released in February 2015 as The Rocket Swing.

Looking back, Diftong identifies some defining moments in his singer-songwriter career:
In 2012 Lynn Miles was sitting at his kitchen table he played her some songs. She then asked him to consider opening for her the next day. He did not consider very long.

On a beautiful Friday night in 2008 in the south of France he walked out on a stage, peered into the blinding lights and played to the audience of the Goud’acoustic Folk and Americana Festival. At that very moment he realized that he had become, what he had secretly wished to be for about 35 years.

JD Dekker told Diftong that their duo should be called The Understate Men. This was 1998. Four albums later in 2014, they still are. Check out their last one: A Major Happening.

A friend asked him to play bass guitar in new wave group Modern Management in 1980. Though he never considered himself a bass player, he learned the ins and outs of songwriting and performing.

It is the year 1972. A 13 year-old boy sleeps behind a curtain on the landing of a romantic family home in a forest. One day he hears Neil Young’s After the Goldrush coming from his sister’s room. His other sister bought him a songbook and his father gave him his old guitar. He started strumming.

Making a living as a singer-songwriter involves a lot. Like writing this biography. Or asking promoters for shows. Or doing photo sessions. And sometimes, when you send a zillion e-mails and nobody replies, I ask myself why the hell I am doing this. But then, I write some words in my little notebook. I hum a melody into my voice recorder. I play a new song just right and it feels like flying. I walk onto a stage and there are people there that actually came to listen to me. And once in a while, someone tells me he or she loves one of my songs. I feel blessed. Thank you for that. Hope to see you around.

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